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Arizona's #1 Insurance Broker

Integra Insurance Group Surprise, AZ

Trying to find the right insurance coverage? It can get confusing. You start out looking at cost. Then you realize that policy terms vary from insurer to insurer. How can you compare multiple insurers’ policies?

Let An Independent Insurance Agency Help You

Integra Insurance Group is a locally owned and independent insurance agency in Surprise, Arizona. Independent insurance agencies work with many insurers. We offer a wide range of products and policies. Captive insurance agencies work with one insurer. They cannot offer the same range of products.

We Take a Personal Approach

Your insurance needs depend on several things:

  • What do you need to insure?
  • Do you need multiple policies?
  • How old are you?
  • What is your credit score?
  • Where is your property located?
  • Do you have a history of insurance loss?
  • Do you qualify for discounts?

We Offer Many Types of Insurance

The most common insurance requests we get are for:

We Provide Commercial Insurance

Looking for a policy for your business? We offer business insurance policies that include:

We Provide Coverage for Truckers and Couriers

Commercial auto policies are not enough for shipping companies. We offer commercial truck insurance to cover:

  • Long-haul truckers
  • Short-haul truckers
  • Courier services
  • DSP providers

We Make Sure You Have the Right Amount of Insurance

Being underinsured leaves you vulnerable. Being overinsured wastes your money. Having the right amount of insurance protects you and your wallet.

Let Us Help You

Contact us today. You can save money and get the coverage you need. Let us help you find the right insurance policies for you.