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Arizona's #1 Insurance Broker

Integra Insurance Group Glendale, AZ

Looking for a great deal on insurance? It is easier than you think. Instead of comparing insurance quotes yourself, trust an independent insurance agency. Integra Insurance Group is a locally owned and independent insurance agency in Glendale, Arizona. Our job is to find you the best policy.

Are You Overinsured?

The goal is to protect you from loss or liability. Paying for too much coverage is a waste of money. What coverage do you need?

Are You Underinsured?

You want to make sure you can repair or replace property if you suffer a loss. You also want to protect yourself if you are liable. Being underinsured can cost you a lot if you suffer a loss.

Factors Impacting Insurance Costs

Insurance companies look at statistics to come up with their premiums. The factors they consider include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Credit history
  • Location
  • Value of insured property
  • History of loss
  • Driving history
  • Number of policies

What Can Integra Do for You?

We combine your needs with your personal information. Then, we find the best value in insurance policies. Our results are personalized for you.

Is It Cheaper to Get All Policies Through One Insurer?

Sometimes. Insurers frequently offer discounts for multiple policies.

If you have more than one vehicle, insuring them with a single company will usually save you money. That applies to all vehicles, not just car insurance.

What Types of Insurance Does Integra Provide?

We work with many insurers to provide the following types of coverage:

Do You Provide Business Insurance?

Yes. We can find business policies including:

Contact Us

Leave the comparisons to us. Please tell us your insurance needs. Let us find the policies that are right for you.