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Arizona Bond Runs Deep After Tucson Shooting

Jan 17, 2011

We have had a lot of time now to reflect on the tragedy that struck Tucson a little over a week ago and I have noticed one thing about the great State of Arizona. Anytime there is a crisis, this state pulls together and reacts in a way that is always classy and reminds us that it truly is a great state to live in. Through all of the media coverage and people that have descended here I am amazed at how well our residents and legislators always seem to rise up to the occasion and show such awesome support for one another.

Today being Martin Luther King Jr day, brings on a even more special meaning after this awful incident here in Arizona. Today should be a reminder of how hard people have fought in our country to have equal rights and that no one should be put above another person. Our founding fathers truly had right when they said that “All men are created equal.”

We hope that in light of the current circumstances in our world that through this tragedy we will see a greater opportunity for all of us to serve each other.

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