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It is crucial in life to make sure you have people around you whom you can count on…your family, friends, employees or co-workers, or professionals in various fields. You choose a family doctor or dentist, for example, who fits your needs and lifestyle. You hire people to work for you who understand your goals and help you reach them. You select a real estate professional and mortgage broker who can work with you throughout all your moves in life, because they tailor their service to your individual home objectives as they fluctuate with the times. Do your insurance needs really deserve any less personal attention?

Although it may be tempting to call one of the quicker and cheaper do-it-yourself “800” numbers many insurance companies are offering now, remember, this is your future at stake. Unfortunately, chances are great you will need insurance and will need to file a claim at some point in life. We all tend to gravitate toward the cheapest coverage, not even realizing it may be totally inadequate for our needs until it’s too late. And that’s when the frustration will set in. Investing in an agent who can advise you in times of crisis is priceless.

Because insurance laws differ from state to state, it’s a good idea to work with an agent who is familiar with not only current laws, but also potential laws that may be enacted in the future. The location of your agent becomes even more crucial in the event of a natural disaster in your area or another claims situation during which you need assistance quickly. At Integra Insurance Group we want our agents to be the type of agent that excels in a time of crisis so that you can feel like you are being taken care and know that the support you are getting is absolutely the best.

The advantages of having a personal insurance agent are obvious. But the greatest advantage of working with the same person over a number of years, or even a lifetime, is that, just as with a doctor or any other professional from whom you seek advice and guidance, the agent knows your history and is thoroughly in tune with your lifestyle and goals—not just today or this year but also in the future.

Make it a priority to find an insurance agent you can count on. Then you can reap the rewards of expert and professional guidance tailored directly to you. You’ll find that having someone else service your needs certainly beats servicing your own—saving you time, money and headaches in the long-run when the time comes to settle a claim or change your options. Remember: The bottom line is to make sure you, your family, your home and your business are always well taken care of! You wouldn’t call a 1-800 number for a doctor in the time of need, don’t do that with your insurance either. Make sure that you get an agent you can trust. We hope you would always choose and refer Integra Insurance, but even if you don’t, please find a good agent.


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